LITE Represents Buy Social Canada

Social enterprise is business designed with community in mind.


Building up our community is a huge part of LITE's mission! We have been committed to improving the business environment for community-focused organizations since our very beginnings, so working with a group like Buy Social Canada just made sense.

The Buy Social Prairies website is designed to be a place connect social enterprises with community-minded private businesses, and to demonstrate the social value these partnerships have!

Members featured on our directory participate in the social economy, both as suppliers of goods and services, as well as purchasing from social enterprises!

Our role is to help social enterprises in the Prairies region up their game and provide even greater value to their communities.

We work directly with certified Buy Social Canada members in our region to

  • Develop educational events, such as sharing expertise from within the sector on unique challenges and opportunities,

  • Bring together procurement experts and social enterprises to help make the process of purchasing easier to understand and interact with,

  • Connect them with colleagues and peers in the social enterprise sector, 

  • Advocate for better policy at multiple levels of government and promote fair business.


If your organization believes in the power of community, consider becoming a member of our Buy Social Prairies network today!


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