Emergency Wages for Participants at NPOs
providing COVID-19 Response (“Emergency Wages”)

Total disbursement: $10,000 among NPOs.

No minimum grant amount, but average expected to be $2,000-3000.

Grant amount to be negotiated based on need.

Money to be distributed ASAP.


Organizational criteria:

  • Registered charity.

  • Serving inner city residents.

  • Able and interested in hiring participants to aid in the delivery of emergency COVID-19 response being delivered by the NPO. “Hire” can be in the form of honorariums. NPO should name specific need that the participant can fill, for example: prepare sandwiches daily, assist security guard in monitoring temporary shelter areas. NPOs determine the best use for the wages, but see the participant criteria below.

  • Track job tasks, hours and number of individuals hired (reporting to be done in September 2020)


Participant criteria:

  • Work is related to responding COVID-19 at the organization.

  • Individual lives on low income and made below $5,000 in 2019.

  • Not eligible for existing COVID-19 government assistance (i.e. ensure that the Emergency Wages won’t make individuals inevitable for other benefits).

  • Maximum of $350/participant; no minimum.