LITE's Grant Program

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We are driven to create jobs for Winnipeggers who are often overlooked.


By working alongside community-based organizations, our grants program reaches people who have never been in the labour market or they have been unemployed for so long that they are no longer counted in unemployment data.


The needs and capacity of participants and partner organizations shape the jobs created through our grants. Job experiences and training can be spread over days, weeks, or months.


For someone facing multiple and complex barriers to employment, showing up regularly can be a big step forward.


We believe flexibility is key to creating the supportive community people need to thrive.

Here’s what some of our partner organizations staff say about us:

“LITE is highly responsive to the needs of the community and the network of non-profit organizations that their operation has supported for over twenty years”—Angela McCaughan, Executive Director, SSCOPE

“The LITE grants have been very helpful for providing that bit of money, but probably the most important thing is that, it has drawn people to us, to having conversations, to be mentored, to be involved, to developing positive relationships. This is priceless!”—Comment in partner survey, fall 2018


LITE grants are exclusively funded by individual donations. Your support is needed to empower and provide income to community members who are struggling in Winnipeg.