Job Report

The 21st Annual Wild Blueberry Pancake Breakfast

created 39 event-day jobs!

Thank you to our sponsors,

volunteers and guests for making these jobs possible! (Yay, you!)

One job for one person impacts many

Ana's life was changed when she was hired by our donors. Thanks to them, a shy young woman who struggled to speak, today, leads a busy kitchen.

When you give, you create a job for someone struggling to find a place to live. A job for a young man or woman again out of care. A job for someone getting a handle on an addiction. A job for someone new to Canada and learning English.

A job for someone like Ana. Who needed a supportive workplace to find her voice. Your gift creates the job that can change everything.

203-765 Main Street

Winnipeg, MB

R2W 3N5


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2019 Local Investment Toward Employment