"Mentors, Helpers, Movers & Shakers"

Volunteers wanted!


The Mentors, Helpers, Movers and Shakers project seeks to engage volunteers and people experiencing lower-income to learn skills in practical crafts that can be handmade by community helpers and donated to local charities via “buy to donate” on LITE’s online store, LITE Shop.


The project will aim to engage people to exchange craft skills, engage in social mentorship and support local charities.

This is a volunteer-based program; with some honorariums available for people experiencing low-income.

Volunteers and participants involved in the making of crafts for donation meet in an appropriate setting to learn how to knit and/or sew products (etc.).

Teleconferencing will be used for current social distancing efforts.


Volunteer Roles:
  1. Steering Committee (“Shaker”) Role: Determine the crafts to make and training needed; support senior recruitment, program design, and activities; Support evaluation of project.

  2. Mentors, Movers, Helpers Roles: Involved in making the project happen, from helping deliver/pick-up materials ("Movers") to mentoring and supporting learning throughout the duration of the project.


Volunteer-led projects will be supported by LITE staff.

Please note that:
  • Demographics must be collected for all individual participants.

  • Applicants should indicate if they have knitting and/or sewing experience (that they could teach others)

  • Applicants should indicate if they are low-income and would like to receive an honorarium for participation (“training/learning” stage); and/or would be interested in making products for sale (post-training). Verification will be required to qualify.

  • Applicants can be 18+, and seniors encouraged to apply.



Orientation dates (Choose 1):

First session: 10 June 2021, Thursday 10am

Second session: 15 June 2021 Tuesday 2pm

Third session: 22 June 2021 Tuesday 10am


Interested applicants can contact us at info@lite.mb.ca, or call 204-942-8578.