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Springboard Jobs for People Living on Low-Income


Springboard Jobs are short-term work experiences for people living on very-low income to engage in paid work (often receiving payment on the same day of completing the job task). Job tasks can support the NPO to accomplish its service to the community (e.g. making lunches, distributing goods, clean ups, etc.), or enhance and improve the neighborhood.


Now available for NPOs serving low-income communities


Who is the funding for:

  • People who are very low income, and may be looking for a safe way to fill a weekly income gap in their budget.

  • Job experiences should be 2 to 5 hours per participant ($30 to $75 honourariums).

Recommended hourly payment: $15/hr.

Payment: Cheque (over $50), cash or gift card. LITE will issue a cheque to the NPO.

$5,000 total are available for Springboard Jobs now until June 30 or until fund is depleted.

NPO must:

  • Determine and oversee the job task needed. NPO is responsible for all health and safety protocols are followed, and provide adequate supervision.

  • Pre-determine the number of hours a task should take.

  • Report back with information, including participant (name, LICO status, SIN and signature of receipt of payment), and facilitate an anonymous survey.

  • It is recommended that organizations review the required reporting before they apply. LITE Staff are available to train NPOs on how to deliver the survey to protect the identity of participants. 

To qualify, NPOs must check that participant’s annual income is at or below the LICO (see information package).

To apply:

  • Determine how many individuals your organization would like to involve in a specific task. Limit of 5 participants per application. 

  • Job tasks and number of participants should be known at time of application. Priority will be given to applications where participant is already identified at 

  • NPOs may submit multiple requests. 

  • Fill out application and submit by email to: info@lite.mb.ca

  • Applications will be responded to in 3 business days.