LITE Job Skills Volunteer program

About LITE’s Job Skills Volunteer program 

Our in-office volunteer program is designed for people who identify as having barriers to employment and wish to gain experience working in an office environment. Volunteers learn basic office skills (answering phones, welcoming visitors, organizing files and other administrative duties), and are introduced to more specialized skills based on their future work interest (administration, data entry, communications). Volunteers who complete a minimum of 35 hours of service are eligible for a reference.


NOTE: the in-office program is currently unavailable due to the pandemic. Please check back in September 2021.


*NEW* Mentorship via LITE’s Job Skills Volunteer Program


Volunteer Mentors provide guidance and advice to Job Skills Volunteers. Mentors also provide mock interviews for people who have barriers to employment and are getting ready to enter the job market. Participants are drawn from LITE’s Job Partner organizations. 


Mock Interviews are open to book starting March 2021!

  • All interviews take place via Zoom. 

  • A socially distanced interview room will be available for participants to book starting in May 2021. The room has a computer with video conferencing available, and will be available for both mock and real interviews during standard office hours (9AM to 3PM). 


Mock Interviews - ON HOLD AS OF MAY 10th, 2021


NOTE: Due to current capacity and limitations, the mock interview portion of our Job Skills Volunteer Program is currently on hold. We will be making announcements via social media and our newsletter when the program is ready to move forward again.

LITE Job Skills Volunteer Mentors provide 1 hour mock interviews to participants looking for practice their interview skills.


All mock interviews are conducted through Zoom. 




Mentors: Use Appointlet to book 2 to 3 hours per week that you can be available. Please sign up by Friday of the previous week for the coming week. A confirmation email will be sent to you if your timeslot is booked.


Participants: Use Appointlet to see what time slots are available. Sign up for one session at least 2 days in advance. Schedule your mock interview here.


At the appointment time:

  1. Open your Appointment Invite email.

  2. Click on the Zoom link to access the mock interview virtual room.


Becoming a Volunteer Mentor

Fill out our volunteer application below and submit via email:

Orientation to become a volunteer mentor will take place once per month as needed when the project is active.