Connect Your Team to Ours


With your help, Winnipeggers will raise $150,000 to create 430  job and training opportunities in 2021.

LITE creates jobs for people in Winnipeg who have been held back from opportunities due to social and economic circumstances.

You and your co-workers have the power to create a thriving community for all of us! On average, every $350 raised creates one job or training experience. 

Step 1: Download our workplace campaign kit below to see how your community can create opportunity!

Step 2: Track your team's donations with this handy spreadsheet template!

Step 3: Promote your campaign! Encourage your team to take pride in their work with your own social media posts, or use any of the images below! Be sure to tag LITE Winnipeg when you post so we can help get the word out!

NEW: Our Hamper program is important to many of our partners! Promote this key community effort with the hamper poster below!