LITE Job Experiences per year

Powered by your donations, our job experience programs help people in our community get on track for their future!


Economic Development Activities

We help our partners build their programs and social enterprises by providing education, networking, and knowledge sharing.


Winnipeggers Impacted by LITE Work

More jobs, more events, more advocacy for work that matters!

Your support means our community can grow even faster!

You can help us reach our goal of creating over 500 jobs!

For some, getting a job is like trying to win a race from far behind the starting line.

If you've grown up in poverty, there can be real barriers to starting on the right track.

A family crisis. A missed bill. A record. Homelessness, an abusive relationship or an addiction. Barriers to employment come in many forms. 

Jobs created by LITE are for people who are struggling with barriers like these.

For many, it's simply a lack of luck and opportunity. With your help, LITE creates jobs - many of them short term job opportunities that come at the right time and lead to greater things.

Building skills, a resume and a plan are all outcomes of jobs created by LITE.

With a hand up, people who have little or no job experience get ready to work their way into independence. 

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